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Yodel FullBlood White Dorper Ewe lamb 
Titty giving Benton (pup) last minute instructions before he goes to his new home : )
"Lorna's Black Sheep" 2008 ewe lambs 
July 18 counter 


Property is for sale!  Please email wall2wallsheep@yahoo.ca or
phone 204-664-2027 to speak to Lorna.. Thank you!
link to left "Ranch Property Sale" for info &
pictures & sub-page for more : )
Also see latest video of Nell, Skeet & BeeJay on the
Border Collie page.

 Welcome to Wall 2 Wall Border Collies & Sheep Ranch
Skeet & Nell

Videos available on PAGE:  Nell Pups Dec 2014 page:  Under Border Collies!

Nell x Skeet pups born on Dec 13, 2014
Nell x Skeet pups born on Dec 13, 2014

Wall 2 Wall Border Collie & Sheep Ranch
Border Collie Puppies for Sale

All black and white, expected JULY, 2015.  


Both parents are working stock dogs

Dam: Nell CBCA 8370 (Bruce Smart’s “Link” X Missy)  Nell can be traced back to 3 time US National Champion, Berhow's Nick.

Sire: Del’ Mar Skeet CBCA#7008 (Ellison’s DEL’ Mar Turk lines: DEL’ Mar Kep X DEL’ Mar Mint) Del'Mar Skeet comes from very good breeding, carrying two international supreme champions in his pedigree.
All pups come with Microchip, birth certificate, 1st vaccination, registration with the CBCA, PURINA puppy packs, air-transportation can be arranged.  Videos and pictures and pedigree on our website or by email.  This is the fourth litter of this match and we are having very positive feedback on all the pups engaged in various disciplines.

Please go to the Nell & Skeet pages under the Border Collie
page to the left in the page list for more pictures and
videos of the previous litters.

If you would like a pup from a future litter please
get your name on the waiting list now. 

{no deposit required until after the pups are born & only
if you want to reserve a specific pup at that time} 

call 204-664-2027  or email wall2wallsheep@yahoo.ca

Nell x Skeet last litter from December 13th, 2014 : ) 
Nell x Skeet pups from DEC 13, 2014
Nell x Skeet pups from DEC 13, 2014
Border Collie pups are $800 

We were a working sheep ranch and required the best in ranch hand help, so we employed BORDER COLLIES to work our stock.  Our Border Collies are first and foremost working stock dogs, but the fact that they are also great companions and an outlet to a wonderful hobby in trialing is a real bonus.

We are located in the Interlake region of Manitoba, Canada

Nell's pups day 1.

This Nell x Skeet Litter was born Dec 13, 2014.
More pictures of parents on Border Collie pages.

Each Pup comes with Birth Certificate, registration with CBCA with name you choose,
Purina Puppy Pack, first vaccinations and worming and puppy instructions.

Pups from other litters pictured toward bottom of Border
Collie page, and on Past litter page.  More pictures on the
Nell Pup 2014 & Nell Pup 2013 page listed under Border Collies,
click on the link to the left.
The Supervisor: Pete 
Big herd July 20 2008
Big herd July 20 2008

Disclaimer:  All information here is just for information purposes.  We provide this information as a guide to what works for us (or has not worked for us).  Use of any information is solely at the descretion of the reader and we are in no way responsible for any circumstance or loss caused by your actions.  Any information is just that... information. 

Official Feline of Wall 2 Wall
Pete & Lorna 
Having fun in the snow! Nell says: "Look at me go!"
Having fun in the snow! Nell says: "Look at me go!" Jan 12, 2011
Aug 9 2012, March lamb B2 centre with other March lambs to right {5 months of age & under}
Aug 9 2012 March lamb B2 centre with other March lambs to right {5 months of age & under}
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Wall 2 Wall Sheep & Border Collies
Pete & Lorna Wall  
Box 40  Poplarfield
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Phone: 204-664-2027
Email: wall2wallsheep@yahoo.ca

'He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader.  He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.'  
--- Author Unknown

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Congratulations STAR! 

Star has been a busy little Border Collie getting ready for her Regional Qualifier coming up in June in Vancouver. In May she got her title of Agility Trial Champion of Canada.  This award takes a lot of work and skill and takes most dogs a long time to achieve, Star did it in 11/2 years of trialing. Star loves the Frisbee challenge as well.  Mike and Veronica  Prince George BC  May/13

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Cetyl M
We have available Cetyl M for dogs. 
360 tab bottles $115.00 including tax.
120 tab bottles $ 50.00 including tax.

Kit has had great improvement in her mobility in just 2 weeks of treatment.

We now have available CM Response for people. 
120 tab bottles $ 62.50 including tax.

We now have available Cetyl M for cats.
60 tab bottles $ 27.97 including tax.

Katahdin Ewe & lambs 
W7 and lambs 2010 prior to weaning.
Purina My Puppy
Purina My Puppy link:  for informative and interesting information on the care and feeding of you dogs or cats.  We are proud members of the Purina ProClub.
Face Value: Sheep & Smiles
It seems sheep are discerning eaters?at least when it comes to who serves them. In a 2004 study, researchers at Cambridge University in England gave sheep the choice of two doors to push open to get food. One door depicted a smiling human, the other an angry one. By a vast majority, the sheep chose the door with the smiling face.

Wall 2 Wall Sheep Ranch is for sale at this time due to Lorna's continued battle with RH and the need for Hip Replacement Surgery (first was very successful and second is scheduled for September of 2013).  Please see the Classified Page for more info.

We will still be keeping our Border Collies and will remain available for Consulting Services.  We just need to downsize so that things are more manageable.  We will still be ranching, just on a much smaller scale.

Vitural Sheep Herding : )
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